Kelcey W. | Texas

"Dr. Katie Dahlgren is a gifted practitioner and I feel absolutely privileged to be under her care. She has been an intricate part of my health journey, treating me whole-istically. Dr. Dahlgren treats the entire patient, from historically to physiologically to emotionally. She understands that there are root causes to treat, not symptoms to cover up. She empowers patients to be educated and just as involved in treatment and care. Dr. Dahlgren means business, but listens with the greatest amount of empathy." 

Sean B. | Washington

"I’ve had chronic health issues for over a decade, have been to both the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic, have seen over 50 doctors, and still struggled to find any semblance of relief for my severe, chronic pain. Finally, I saw Dr. Dahlgren, and it has been the most beneficial decision for my health thus far. She has given me a new perspective on health, in life, and has become a good friend and confidant. When I first came to her, I had been diagnosed with multiple chronic infections, as well as several autoimmune diseases, including MS. Within a year of her treatment guidance, my lesions disappeared. Her injection therapies have been extremely helpful in managing my chronic pain and migraines. I felt so confident in her abilities, that I relocated to Seattle because her care and guidance have been integral parts to my increasing functionality and improvement. She’s the first doctor who got to the root of my pain, rather than just trying to mask symptoms. She has shown me so much compassion, helped me overcome some elements of my PTSD from past treatments, and has enabled me to become proactive and resourceful with my own health care. I’ve made huge strides under her guidance, and will be forever grateful to her." 

Melissa C. | Texas

"Dr. Katie has overseen my healthcare for over three years, and has completely transformed my life. I came to her after all other treatment options had failed, and I was beginning to lose hope for a true recovery. During my very first appointment with her, I was put at ease. She listened - really listened - to me like no other doctor had. I was in complete awe of her skill, diagnostics (from reading in-between-the-lines in blood work to ART), and thorough explanations. She took the time to answer my questions and explained her treatment plans in detail. Her presence alone is powerful, and her intelligence is unmatched. Many people in my situation have a hard time trusting doctors, but she honestly won my complete trust during my first appointment. In the three years I've been her patient, she has supported me through five surgeries, many treatment plans, provided spot-on emotional support, and referred me to other practitioners for supplemental guidance when needed. One of Dr. Katie's best features is the ability to instill empowerment in her patients to not only be proactive with their own healthcare, but to overcome limiting beliefs in what they can achieve. She's my most trusted doctor, a true friend who always has my best interests in mind, and one of my greatest mentors. Going through severe illness will strip you to your bones - but I've come out with renewed passion, purpose, and for the first time in years, I feel safe in my body, capable, and supported."

Dana | Florida

“My daughter was very sick with Lyme Disease and I traveled with her to see Dr. Dahlgren. Dr. Dahlgren not only treated my daughter with the utmost expertise, but also encouraged me to optimize my own health (which as a mother of a lyme patient, it was very easy for me to put my own wellness on the back burner). Dr. Dahlgren not only recovered my daughter from chronic late state Lyme disease, she helped me identify and treat life long stomach problems, hormone imbalances, depression & methylation issues. Dr. Dahlgren also identified that my root canals and dormant dental infections were an underlying cause of my depression and systemic imbalance. I now have more energy, better sleep and my life force is back and better than ever. I recommend Dr. Dahlgren with the utmost confidence.”

Aly S. | Washington

"Over the last few years, Dr. Dahlgren has helped me gain back my health after having Lyme disease. When I first became her patient, I was unable to leave bed most days. Now, I am working again and am returning to a normal life. Working with Dr. Dahlgren helped reveal many overlooked and missing pieces that my body needed to fully heal. She listened to me, and was very empathetic and supportive to me when I needed encouragement. She is a very talented healer and I am thankful for her work."

Mary Ellen | Canada

"I have had the privilege of being a patient of Dr. Katie Dahlgren for the past five years. I travel from Toronto, Canada to seek her expertise in treating complex chronic illness. Dr. Dahlgren is an extremely gifted integrative practitioner with many years of training and clinical experience in the Klinghardt medical modality. She is successfully treating patients from all over the world with her incredible expertise, skill and a compassion for her patients that sets her apart. She has an innate ability to teach and empower her patients as she strategically directs their protocols for recovery. She is practical, supportive and very organized in guiding her patients through their treatment. Dr. Dahlgren has given me back my life and helped restore the lives of many others I have crossed paths with over the years. There are no words to fully express my gratitude towards her. I have recommended many people to her practice and will continue to do so with confidence and trust in her outstanding knowledge and skills."

B. Family | Washington

"Dr. Katie Dahlgren has been a blessing for my family. With a PANS child, and a PANDAS child, she has continually provided effective protocols at each visit. We get results with Dr. Katie, and that is the most important thing! Highly recommended for kids, and adults too."

Ronni W. | Washington

"I met Dr. Dalgren a few years ago when I was desperate, and did not know how long I was going to live. My life was in shambles. I was in excruciating pain, my abdomen was crisscrossed with scars from all the surgeries I've had all over the United States since birth, I couldn't walk, I couldn't use my right arm, and I couldn't work. On top of all that, my husband left me because he couldn't take being around a sick person any longer. There could not have been anyone more desperate than myself, except that I was also wanting so much help for my daughter who was also suffering with similar things. I desperately sought doctors all over the United States and was hospitalized in many places. Finally, I got Dr. Dahlgren's name, and came to see her. She offered me hope for the first time in my life. She was able to tell me how many of her patients suffered from exactly what I suffered from when I didn't think there was any hope for me. I thought my only way out was to die. I will not sugarcoat this. It was not easy and I did not get better overnight. For much of what I have, there is no cure, and I had long ago given up any kind of hope. But slowly, slowly over the years by following her directions, I started to get my life back. It has been the most amazing experience on the planet. Who else is given a chance at age 70 to start their life all over again? And that is what I am doing... I am seizing life doing all kinds of volunteer activities, making so many friends, and thanking Dr. Dahlgren for each moment. And then there is my daughter: She's only 39, and she was not expected to live. She had lost a kidney, and they were going to take the other one out as well, and Dr. Dahlgren saved her life too. I cannot say enough for this amazing woman who I owe everything to. I can urge you to do everything in your power to go see her if you have a chronic illness that other doctors have not been able to solve. She is the best. And I bet my life and my daughter's life on her."

Sofija | Florida

“I began seeing Dr. Dahlgren in Spring 2013. I was completely bed bound and nervously traveled from Florida to Seattle for my first appointment. As soon as I sat down in her office, I knew I was in good hands. She was the first doctor who really LISTENED. Dr. Dahlgren not only expressed compassion and asked all the right questions, she had the TOOLS and knowledge on how to treat my super complex health issues. Dr. Dahlgren is a true healer and has intangible skills above and beyond what is taught in medical school. She tested and identified what my biggest infections and stressors were and then tailored protocols to treat complex layers of infections, all while keeping hormones and detox pathways supported. I implemented 100% of Dr. Dahlgren’s protocols and I continued to travel every 10 weeks to Seattle. I made leaps and bounds improvements - every area of my body function and quality of life started to improve. There were challenges along the way, but Dr. Dahlgren was well-equipped on making modificafions and additions to continually optimize my protocol. After two years of dedicated treatment, I’m now back to work and living my life. My daily routine now includes a maintenance protocol and a new zest for life. Thank you, Dr. Dahlgren!"

Stacy S. | California

"I have worked with Dr. Dahlgren for six years and I know many of her patients and peers as well. I have said before that she has saved my life, more than once, and now I know many others that feel the same way about her. Similarly, her reputation amongst peers in the community is a beautiful thing to witness. There is a reason for this adulation. Dr. Dahlgren compassionately and fiercely advocates for her patients and commits wholly to their care. She illumines a path of hope while efficiently and strategically managing time, powerfully directing sensible and coherent protocols that meet patient needs and patient resources. She is intuitive, cerebral, analytical and she processes information lightning-fast so a lot happens quickly if you are working with her, a bonus to those patients managing ongoing treatment, or for any patient carefully budgeting for out of pocket health care expenses. Dr. Dahlgren is intuitive and uniquely skilled at working with the most difficult cases and has a special acumen for interventions, which is how I was introduced to her years ago when Dr. Klinghardt referred me to her. At the time, I was disabled. She has since seen me through treatment for Lyme Disease, Mold Illness and sepsis resulting from Staph. Last week I hiked 20 miles, so you can appreciate the progression. Dr. Dahlgren's diagnostic skill results from her commitment to ongoing education and a long history of working to help her patients overcome health challenges. If you are looking for a physician that you can trust to deliver results, while simultaneously meeting you with humility and kindness, look no further."

Anonymous | WA

"Our family owes a debt of gratitude to Dr. Dahlgren. Her clinical expertise & diagnostic skill are unparalleled, and exceeded only by her integrity to always put the patient's needs first.  We highly recommend Dr. Dahlgren to anyone serious about regaining their health & vitality."

Bethany C. | Texas

"I am a young mother to a 16 month-old boy. I am 25 years old, and have been healing from Lyme Disease and chronic infections since I was 18 years old. I believe I have been affected by them on varying levels throughout my entire life. I know many people with Lyme and the “entire package” (including myself) have concerns about sources of transmitting infections, especially pregnancy- to the point where someone who wants to bear children will not, in fear of infecting the baby. In hopes of providing more clarity to something that can be confusing and worrisome, I want to share the experience of my pregnancy and raising my child up until this point. My pregnancy was not planned, nor expected. My baby was a BIG surprise! I had so many thoughts running through my mind when I found out. Most of my thoughts and fears had something to do with my health and the health of the baby. Thoughts such as: “Will the baby be sick for his entire life?” “Will he experience a low quality of life if he gets Lyme and other infections?” “Will I have a miscarriage because of Lyme and other infections?” “Will he be more likely to be autistic?” “Will my body be able to handle pregnancy in addition to everything that is currently stressing my system?” “Will pregnancy make me even more sick?” These thoughts were fueled especially by the fact that I had done nothing intentionally to prepare for a pregnancy. I had heard that women with Lyme who plan to become pregnant should do a whole list of things to help prevent transmission to the baby, including heavy metal detox, a long-term lyme/infection treatment prior to conception, and some sources even recommended taking antibiotics throughout the entire pregnancy (which I did not resonate with nor do I recommend!) Although I had done treatments for several years to address many of these issues, I felt that I had not done them “enough” right up until the point of conception. Even still, I had a positive experience and outcome. I believe these things are helpful and important to address prior to conception, but not necessary in order to have a healthy baby. If you become pregnant without the opportunity to address those issues as thoroughly as you had hoped, you can still do a lot during the pregnancy, and can still have a positive experience. I remember talking to several different doctors after finding out, sounding like a nervous, fear-stricken wreck. I was assured over and over that the outcome could absolutely be positive, and I was encouraged to focus most on what was in my power, and what could be done from that point on. I encourage all women who may be in this position to adopt that mentality, as I believe it was the key to the positive outcome I experienced. I started to focus on everything that I could control- everything I could do to provide a healthy, safe environment for my developing baby. I had learned years before that electromagnetic fields were essential to avoid in pregnancy (and even after), and that was something I took very seriously during my pregnancy. I had been more lenient about my exposure to EMR before becoming pregnant, but felt that pregnancy was a reason to finally buckle down and become committed to minimizing my exposure as much as possible. I chose to be committed to a clean, nutrient-dense diet, free of inflammatory foods such as sugar, gluten, and processed foods. I learned what herbs, binders/detox supplements, and homeopathics could be used in pregnancy, and worked with Dr. Dahlgren to devise a protocol that ensured I was “well covered” for both the support of my baby as well as my health. She was amazing throughout the entire process. I was and am extremely impressed with her expertise of treating pregnant women, babies, and children. I also owe my positive experience and outcome to her." For the full testimonial, click here.