What is Neural Therapy?

Neural therapy is the use of injectable local anesthetics to treat areas of dysfunction at the level of the skin and connective tissue to normalize the autonomic nervous system. Procaine is the most commonly used local anesthetic used in my practice. This particular local anesthetic is metabolized to B-vitamins after it is injected into the connective tissue. It has a short half-life in comparison to other local anesthetics like Novocaine and Lidocaine – the local response of numbness lasts for about 20 minutes. Local anesthetics work by temporarily interrupting the electrical signals of the cells.

Each cell has a normal resting potential. Cells that have an abnormal resting potential (or electrical voltage) do not function optimally. This impacts the cells both individually as well as those distally related by a common network of nerves. This allows us to use neural therapy to help optimize both superficial and deep structures by treating at the level of the connective tissue with very safe, shallow injections. Once the effect of the local anesthetic wears off, the brain signals the tissue to reset at a healthy resting potential. This allows for improved cell-to-cell communication to promote circulation and regeneration of healthy tissues.

Neural therapy is one of the most effective therapeutic interventions I use in my practice to promote healing. I utilize this technique as part of a comprehensive approach to chronic illness and localized pain, as well as to clear areas of dysfunction in the body. Common types of dysfunctional tissue include scars and previous injuries. These injections can provide an amazing degree of pain relief for both chronic and acute conditions. I have been able to help patients with severe back, shoulder, knee, neck, hip, and ankle pain (among many others) by using neural therapy. Additionally, we can inject over areas of organ stress. I use it as part of my comprehensive protocols to treat issues such as chronic constipation, irregular menstruation, frequent or painful urination, sinus pressure, and respiratory irritation.

I learned this technique from my mentor, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD. He has published articles on neural therapy in both English and German, and continues to both practice and teach the technique worldwide.

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